Six AUD teachers asked to explain why they were absent from Sisodia event

The teachers concerned, however, said the event invitation sent to them only said their “presence was requested” and not that it was “mandatory”.

At least six teachers of Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD) Karampura Campus have been asked by the administration to explain reasons for their “absenteeism” from the inauguration of a multipurpose block and auditorium by Deputy Chief Manish Sisodia.

The event was held on November 2, and the administration said it had taken “serious note” of the incident.

An email sent to the teachers Tuesday evening by the Academic Services (AS) Division states, “The Multipurpose Block and the Auditorium at AUD Karampura Campus were inaugurated on 2nd November 2021 by the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia in the August presence of Professor Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi and Shri Shiv Charan Goel, MLA, Delhi. In order to have larger participation, an invite was sent to all the teaching and non-teaching employees/officials.”

“However, it was observed that only few of the faculty members had attended the said programme and no information for such absence was given by the other faculty members though being a University function, the presence was required. Even Deans of the Schools informed that the faculty members of the Schools had been informed about the adjustment of classes for participation,” it further said.

The email said the Vice-Chancellor had taken “serious note of the said absenteeism of the faculty in the event”.

“Accordingly, it is requested to all such faculty members, who were not present in the above said function, to inform the AS Division about the valid reason for the said absenteeism in the event. A reply may please be sent to the AS Division latest by 10.11.2021 up to 05.30 pm so that all information may be placed before the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor,” the email said.

The teachers concerned, however, said the event invitation sent to them only said their “presence was requested” and not that it was “mandatory”.

“Due to the Covid related delays, the teaching for the current semester had just begun from November 1. What is more important — teachers carrying out their academic duties or attending auditorium inaugurations?” said one of the teachers, who has been sent the email, on condition of anonymity.

While Vice-Chancellor Anu Singh Lather could not be reached for a comment, the AUD PR office said, “It was a University level programme for the inauguration of newly created infrastructural facilities at Karampura Campus. Teachers, students as well as staff of Karampura Campus were invited to attend the event. Deans of many of the Schools informed that classes were accommodated accordingly. (A) number of teachers, students and staff attended the function. However, as per the records, some members of Karampura Faculty were on duty but they were not seen in the campus. Letter had been sent to know where they were during working hours.”

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