Soon, it will be ‘bye bye’ to plastic’ at engineering and polytechnic colleges

The Department of Technical Education (DTE) has issued a directive that all forms of plastic should be banned in engineering colleges and polytechnics, including all government, aided and private ones.

In an official circular, the department said that the ‘no plastic policy’ should be implemented from the current academic year.

All colleges have been instructed to replace plastic cups in canteens and hostels with steel crockery. Technical education institutions have also been asked to chalk out rules and chart a roadmap on how plastic will be banned on campuses.

The department has asked colleges to ensure that rules are circulated among students and faculty members, and these should be displayed on notice boards and their respective websites.

The ban on plastic also extends to events and functions such as graduation day and annual day. Department officials pointed out that even the use of packaged drinking water in plastic bottles be banned.

H.U. Talwar, Director of DTE, said that the department’s plastic ban was in line with the State government’s rules.

“We have issued a circular as we want the managements to start initiating steps towards this initiative. It will take time but we want plastic to be completely banned at the end of the academic year,” he said. After a few months, the department will initiate showcause notices if the college managements fail to fall in line. K.S. Badrinarayan, principal, M.S. Engineering College, said that it was a feasible idea but would require the active involvement of students.

“We will ask students to come up with alternatives to plastic. We will make it an activity and ensure that they are the ones who design and drive this process,” he said. He added that college should also identify places where plastic usage is high. “Students would also be banned from bringing plastic from home as well.”

Sushma R., an engineering college student said that while it would be challenging, colleges could provide incentives to help students develop products that can be used as alternatives.

Key points

Replace plastic cups with steel crockery

Chart a road map to show how the ban will be implemented

Students and faculty members will be roped in

Ban extends to important events and functions

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