Sripada project receives inflows

Following copious inflows into the Kadem project in adjoining Adilabad district due to incessant rains since the last few days, the Sripada Yellampalli project in Ramagundam started receiving inflows on Sunday.

The Kadem project was filled to its brim forcing the irrigation authorities to lift one crest gate to release 6,259 cusecs of water into the river Godavari on Sunday evening. The SYP started receiving inflows of 2,533 cusecs on Sunday evening and it was likely to be increased by late night following the opening of flood gate at Kadem project.

The water level at SYP is at 141.32 metres against the full capacity of 148 metres. The project is presently having 6.5027 TMC of water against full storage of 20.175 TMC. The officials are confident that the inflows into the SYP would increase steadily.

At Kaleshwaram

Irrigation officials stated that a discharge of about 2.57 lakh cusecs flood was recorded at Kaleshwaram on Sunday. At Annaram, located in the upper reaches of Godavari above Kaleshwaram, the discharge was recorded at over 4,200 cusecs on Sunday evening.

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