State to bear scholarship for SC/ST students

Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam told the Assembly that the State government would bear the scholarship of SC/ST students admitted in private self-financing colleges under the management quota since the Centre had stopped the funds under the Centrally sponsored scheme for post-matric scholarship to SC students.

He said earlier the Centre had fixed a committed liability for the State government when it came to releasing financial assistance for SC students; it would provide for the balance. In the case of ST students, the State government would bear 25% of the expenses, and the Centre 75%.

Mr. Panneerselvam said while the Centre’s share had increased to Rs. 1,698.83 crore, it had released only Rs. 434 crore till 2017-18.

Subsequently, it not only cancelled the scholarship for ST students, but also increased the State’s liability to Rs. 1,526.46 crore from Rs. 353.55 crore.

“Students in private self-financing colleges cannot get the scholarship, and now, we have to get clarification from the Centre whether the new rule is applicable to students in arts and science colleges,” Mr. Panneerselvam said.

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