Superior to formula milk: expert

Jipmer’s Amudham Thaipaal Maiyam (ATM) collects milk from willing lactating mothers.

Mothers donate milk in varying volumes and frequency, ranging from 5 ml to 50 or 60 ml.

All the milk that is pooled together and pasteurised — boiled to a temperature of 62.5 degrees C for a half-hour duration, and cooled. The milk is then stored in deep freezers at temperatures of minus 20 degrees C, which keeps them in potable state for weeks.

“There is some loss of micro nutrients in breast milk during this process…but pasteurised breast milk retains most of the immuno-protective properties, especially the types of immunoglobulins…but even in a pasteurised state breast milk is a superior option to formula milk,” said Dr. B. Adhisivam, Additional Professor, Department of Neonatology, Jipmer.

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