SVR synonymous with Telugu films

Legendary actor S.V. Ranga Rao essayed several memorable roles with ease and richly contributed to Telugu films portraying famed characters that live through generations.

His inimitable ‘Sahasam seyara dimbhaka,’ remains etched in the memory of film-goers and Ghatotkacha has become synonymous with Samarla Venkata Ranga Rao, just as the three initials of his name-SVR- brings memories of several classic films in which he acted with the two stalwarts- NTR and ANR.

Kichaka in ‘Nartanasala,’ Duryodhana in ‘Pandava Vanavasam’ and Hiryanyakasapa in ‘Bhakta Prahlada’ are only a few of his sterling performances defining the characters with his towering personality and unique diction. Another great of the Telugu films, Savitri played in female lead in several films with SVR being the villain, including ‘Nartanasala’ and ‘Pandava Vanavasam’.

He won the best actor award for the Kichaka portrayal at the Afro-Asian film festival Jakarta in 1963. He produced and directed two films ‘Chadarangam’ and ‘Bandhavyalu.’

Films with his roles in three decades of his career in nearly 170 films are still favourites of Telugu audience, particularly the older ones.The actor’s birth centenary falls on Tuesday.

Born at Nuzvidu, he had his early education in Madras (now Chennai). He completed his Fellow of Arts (FA) from Mrs. AVN College in Visakhapatnam.

To mark SVR’s centenary, Vizag Film Society is organising a three-day film festival at Visakhapatnam Public Library from Tuesday.

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