Take up more cases for women, MP tells lawyers

Member of Parliament Amee Yajnik on Saturday urged women lawyers to take up more cases for women clients and not charge any fee from deserving women.

Addressing a gathering of members of the Tamil Nadu Association of Women Advocates (TAWA) in the city, she said taking such pro bono cases would help empower women.

“In many cases, women won’t have money to fight cases. At least 5% of our cases should be pro bono,” she said.

She was addressing the inaugural of a seminar on the Role of Judiciary in Empowering Women that discussed the pros and cons of recent judgments in the city.

She also urged women lawyers to update themselves on the various laws pertaining to women. There are so many laws for the protection of women but crimes against women continue to happen, she pointed out.

Former judge of the Madras High Court M. Jeyachandran said empowerment of women should start at homes, where girls and boys should be treated equally. He said there were many laws to empower women but ultimately women will have to stand up, demand and be counted. “Nobody is going to give it to you,” he said.

K. Santhakumari, president, TAWA, said that the seminar aimed at updating women lawyers on amendments to laws pertaining to women.

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