Tank restoration work begins

Works that began under the Kudimaramathu scheme at an outlay of Rs. 25 lakh for desilting, cleaning of Kodavadi tank, near Kinathukkadavu, and restoration of the feeder canals of the tanks has brought cheer among the farming community.

The tank spread over 350 acres has a capacity to store 11.07 mcft of water and rain water is the only source for this tank. In the event of normal realisation of rain during the South-West and North-East monsoons, the tank can hold 33.21 mcft of water for an year, say officials and villagers.

The tank had remained in disuse for the last several decades and following persistent representations, the work has been taken up under the Kudimaramathu scheme now. The tank failed to serve its purpose despite heavy rain last month (including the summer showers and the first few spells of the South-West monsoon) because of the damages caused to the canals that bring water into the tank from Panapatti, Mandrampalayam, and Ponnakkani villages. This resulted in a meagre quantity of water reaching only one side of the tank.

Works that have begun now, if progressed at the right pace, should be able to conserve the water realised from the rest of the South-West monsoon and the North-East monsoon. In the event of the tank being restored, it would have conserved 33.21 mcft of water which would be adequate enough to take care of the irrigation needs of the 312 acres directly besides helping in recharging the ground aquifer in the hundreds of nearby villages, thus feeding the agriculture requirements indirectly.

Works going on at present include removing the bushes, weeds and deepening the tank water spread area, besides strengthening the embankments of the canals that feed water into the tank.

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