Task forces to manage disaster response

Task forces of youngsters trained in managing disaster response are being set up as part of the disaster management project of the district panchayat.

The first phase training for the task force members is under way with District Collector Mir Mohammed Ali inaugurating the training programme on July 7. The project envisages the setting up of units of the task force in all colleges and higher secondary schools in the district.

Rescue operations

The district panchayat’s plan is to train 250 people in each panchayat in handling disaster situations, including rescue operations during calamities and mishaps.

Youngsters would be given expert training to equip them to respond to disaster situations and carry out rescue operations, district panchayat president K.V. Sumesh said during the inaugural function.

The project is being implemented with the co-operation of the Youth Welfare Board, National Service Scheme volunteers, local bodies and local clubs, among others.

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