Tepid response to organic manure

Nearly four months after the Corporation started giving out organic manure produced from waste, the initiative has received only a tepid response so far.

The well-intentioned initiative is suffering from poor patronage, as only 25 tonnes out of nearly 64 tonnes of the manure produced has been given away.

Four units, which now employ 40 workers, were constructed at a cost of around Rs. 45 lakh each for the purpose at Perumalpuram, Tharuvaikulam, Ambedkar Nagar and Mettupatti. The waste that is collected is shredded using a machine, then put in compost pits for nearly 45 days, and treated with cow dung or effective micro-organism solution.

Apart from a handful of farmers who took loads of nearly 5-15 tonnes from the plants, the demand has not been high.

An official said that the plant at the Tharuvaikulam dump yard has over three tonnes of manure, which has had no takers so far.

“The Tharuvaikulam dumpyard has a lot of space, so we try to give away manure from the other units first,” said Sanitary Officer Hari Ganesh.

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