Tourism Dept. plans miniatures of Mysuru’s tourist attractions

A miniature park featuring famous tourist destinations and prime landmarks of Mysuru?

This is what the Tourism Department has proposed as an added attraction to introduce tourists to sites they should not miss while exploring the city.

The walk-through park of minuscule models has been planned at a prime location on Mysuru-Bengaluru national Highway closer to the city and land for the same is yet to be identified. Before seeing the actual sites here, tourists can visit this park to see what’s awaits them on their Mysuru itinerary.

Hand-crafted scale models of tourist destinations such as Mysuru Palace, Mysuru zoo, Chamndi hills, Brindavan Gardens will come up at the park.

“The miniature park will serve as both an information centre and a tourist attraction,” explains H.P. Janardhana, Deputy Director, Tourism Department, Mysuru.

He told
The Hindu
that the proposal has been discussed with Minister for Tourism and Sericulture S.R. Mahesh.

“This proposal is being worked out and we are making a list of models that need to be incorporated in the park,” Mr. Janardhana said.

One of the reasons why the department is looking at new proposals for Mysuru was to bring about newness to the tourism sector here, adding new sites in a bid to encourage tourists to extend their stay here.

The stakeholders grouse was that tourists were using Mysuru as a transit point with a day’s visit and moving to hill stations within the city or its surroundings lacking shows or attractions after dusk.

“The night life needs to be promoted to encourage tourists to stay longer. This will bring revenue to the sector and the people banking on the sector,” said a hotelier at the stakeholders’ meeting on promoting Mysuru as a preferred destination.

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