Training for stakeholders in tourism from Aug. 6

The district administration and the Department of Tourism will hold a series of capacity building training programmes in August for different stakeholders of tourism initiatives.

A release issued here on Tuesday said that to start with, an orientation for travel agents and hoteliers will be held at Koteshwar on August 6. A training programme will be organised for home stay providers in and around Udupi here on August 8. Another training programme for taxi drivers operating around Byndoor, Kollur and Kundapur will be held on August 9.

Training will be given to taxi drivers associated with Udupi tourism packages operating in Udupi and Karkala on August 10. These training events will be facilitated by Kabani, a research and training organisation.

These training programmes were part of holistic tourism development of Udupi district with an objective of community participation in tourism planning and business. The development of sustainable tourism was a holistic and multi-dimensional process which called for grassroot-level efforts to build capacities and empowerment of local communities.

Aspects of natural resources, human resources, local economy, culture, customs, religion, and characteristics of the local community contribute to this holistic approach.

Deputy Commissioner Priyanka Mary Francis said that the district had huge potential to develop sustainable community-based tourism in villages and this could bring forth substantial livelihood opportunities and additional income for the rural population.

“The niche market segment of sustainable community tourism is growing and many source markets are looking for such programmes,” she said. Such capacity enhancement training programmes promote effective exchange of experiences and expertise, which check the negative impacts of mass tourism. This activity enables local communities and other stakeholders to intervene in policy making and management of tourism and contribute to the development of communities living in and around tourist destinations. It will also enhance marketing capabilities and delivery of better services to tourists.

Assistant Director of Tourism Anita Bhaskar said that the objective of these training programmes will be the overall empowerment of people and other service providers associated with different tourism initiatives in urban and rural communities in the district. The expected outcome of the training programme is improved motivation, entrepreneurship and communication and learning skills, she said.

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