Two firefighters injured in cylinder blast at a Pune hotel on Satara road

Two firefighters were injured in a cylinder blast during the late hours of Tuesday at a hotel on Satara road. The two officials were identified as Kisan Gogawale and Chandrakant Gawade.

The incident occurred when the firefighters were at Hotel Mehfil Family Restaurant located near City Pride cinema hall along Satara road, according to an official.

The two officials were tending to a fire reported earlier in the restaurant kitchen in the night, prior to the cylinder blast. The two were carrying a leaking cylinder which exploded as soon as they left the kitchen premise, but were still inside the restaurant.

Four staffers of the restaurant suffered injuries in the initial incident. Three firefighters, Vinayak Mali, Digambar Bandiwadekar and Manish Bombale, rushed to the rescue of the two. Gogawale had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. He is undergoing treatment at Rao Nursing Home on Satara road along with the four restaurant staffers.

Hours after the incident, during the the early hours of Wednesday, a truck carrying 25 barrels of liquid chemical thinner met with an accident, effectively setting the thinner barrels on fire. The incident occurred near the Loni Kalbhor toll plaza along Solapur road.

No casualties were reported in the incident. However, the truck and chemicals were destroyed.

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