Union Minister to launch national Student Police Cadet programme

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh will launch the national Student Police Cadet (SPC) programme at Tau Devi Lal Stadium here on Saturday.

Gurugram Police Commissioner K.K. Rao said on Thursday said students of Classes VIII and IX are the target of this programme.

He said the programme envisions a humane and just society, where citizens respect and follow laws, practise responsible behaviour, demonstrate empathy for weaker sections of society and participate in tackling community issues.

“India will soon have the world’s largest population, including 63% youth. There is a paradigm shift in policing function from enforcement to facilitation of law. So the aim is to incorporate civic sense, social responsibility and inclusiveness in the youth, besides solving problems of contemporary youth,” said Mr. Rao.

As part of the programme, the teachers will act as community police officers (CPOs) and additional CPOs, who will be trained by the police.

An annual activity calendar will be prepared for this with periodic monitoring. The training programme will include study classes, physical training, field visits, camps and practical projects.

Students will study about the law and Constitution, communication skills, disaster management, and health and hygiene. Summer and mini camps will be organised at the district and State levels.

Yoga, cross-country march and parade will be part of the physical training curriculum. Cadets will be given certificates based on evaluation of their performance.

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