Veereswaram roads suffer from neglect

Veereswaram in Srirangam is one of the oldest habitations in the city. It came into existence several decades ago, well before the establishment of neighbouring upscale residential localities such as Periar Nagar and Ganapathy Nagar.

Today, however, Veereswaram is lags behind all those localities in terms of civic infrastructure. The roads, which have been battered badly, tell the sorry state of affairs.

Out of the two main streets in Veereswaram — East and West — the road in West Street is slightly better than its parallel stretch. But East Street resembles some of the worst roads in villages.

Local residents say that the total length of each road in Veereswaram may not be more than half a km. But they have deep potholes at different places. The black top of the entire stretch of both roads, particularly East Road, has been battered due to extensive plying of vehicles for so long.

Until recently, the roads in Veereswaram were not preferred by residents of Srirangam and Thiruvanaikoil. But the route has become unavoidable for motorists ever since traffic was diverted via Veereswaram due to ongoing works on construction of a railway overbridge at Thiruvanaikoil.

The volume of traffic has seen manifold increase in recent weeks. But the motorists find it extremely difficult to ride motorcycles and cars on the roads.

Kumar, a long-time resident of Veereswaram, said the roads were relaid about 10 years ago and they did not last even for a few months. The rain took away the black top. Since then, Tiruchi Corporation had not undertaken any maintenance work. Similarly, it has suffered neglect on the basic civic infrastructure front for long. Considering the extensive usage of roads, the Corporation should take up immediate restoration of road works.

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