Villagers seek divine intervention to close dyeing units

Over 500 residents of North Tayirpalayam village at Chithode submitted petition to Anjaneyar after their repeated plea to the district administration demanding closure of the new dyeing units in their area yielded no result. They said that water from Tayirpalayam Lake passes through a canal and enters River Bhavani.

Last year, construction began to establish dyeing unit at agricultural lands in Periya Puliyur village. They said that if the unit becomes operational, the effluents will mix with water and pollute water bodies that belong to the Public Works Department in Tayirpalayam, North Tayirpalayam, Valayankaran Palayam, Kamaraj Nagar, Periya Puliyur, Rasankadu Valasu, Poolapalayam, Alamarathuvalasu and Ayyampalayam. “The polluted water in these seven lakes will affect agricultural wells and bore wells in 14 villages in the area affecting 3,000 acres of land”, they added.

Villagers said that apart from affecting their livelihood, it will degrade the environment affecting their cattle. Hence, they wanted the license to be cancelled to protect the lives of over 5,000 people in the area.

They said that despite petitions to the Minister, Collector and officials of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, no action has been taken in the past one year. On Sunday, villagers gathered on the temple premises and prepared Pongal and offered it to the deity. Later, they submitted petition to the Lord urging to take necessary action as the official machinery has failed.

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