War of words over Sharif’s arrest

The arrest of former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on charges of corruption led to the BJP and Congress taking potshots at each other on Saturday.

“Nawaz Sharif has been arrested on corruption charges. We would like to know what his dear friend PM Modi has to say about this,” the Congress said in a tweet.

This was seen as a dig at Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to Mr. Sharif at Lahore in 2015 while returning from Afghanistan.

The BJP hit back instantly, tweeting that leave alone the PM, people of India were also thinking that those Indian politicians who were out on bail would also have to go to jail. This was seen as a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, as the BJP said after the Nirav Modi scam in February 2018 that Mr. Gandhi was “out on bail in the multi-crore National Herald scam”.

The Congress’s remark was not its first; Mr. Gandhi had on Friday accused the Prime Minister of bowing to “pressure from a foreign power” during his “no-agenda” visit to China.

Mr. Sharif and his daughter Maryam are lodged in jail in Rawalpindi after their arrest upon returning to Pakistan from Britain.

A Pakistan court handed him a 10-year prison term and sentenced his daughter for seven years over the purchase of luxury flats in London in the 1990s.

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