It will fly at a height of 50 metres

The drone is operated by a team of engineers from the Survey of India. The drone will fly at a height of 50 metres and each flight will last about 20 minutes. The drone, which weighs 1.8 kg, is fitted with a 12 megapixel camera and has the capability of generating approximately 250 photos for a 0.2 area.

“The entire area of 1.8 would be covered in about 30 flight lines,” said Anurag Kumar Sharma, Officer Surveyor, Survey of India

Officials hope to complete the image generation in three days provided it doesn’t rain and strong wind does not disrupt work. The entire process of creation of the digital record of boundaries would take about three months.

To establish accuracy, officials will cross-check the details manually before deciding on expanding the project to other areas in the city. In the coming week, the same initiative will be replicated in Ramanagara with a focus on agricultural properties, officials added.

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