With schools closed and WFH the norm, take a break with an array of international performances for children and their parents

From a ballet tribute to LGBTQ+ women to performances on Pandora, Persephone, King Midas and Theseus and the Minotaur, here's an array of international performances for children and their parents

Back to the Past

It is play time for children with some of the most interesting figures from ancient Greek. UK-based Waterman’s Arts Centre takes children and adults through the mind boggling array of Greek myths through performances on Pandora, Persephone, King Midas and Theseus and the Minotaur. These are staged by the director Ian Nicholson and designer Sam Wilde on YouTube. Entry: Free. Click on https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZvJ49nF0XmZ8yY89ZpLh3TDET6Uyuxfk

Move with the World

Some of the best dancers in the world, from Akram Khan and Natalia Osipova to Shobana Jeyasingh, are now available on iPlayer as part of Dancing Nation, a three-part celebration of world-class dance that features new works and audience favourites from big-name artists and breakthrough talent in ballet, contemporary and hip-hop. Jeyasingh, for instance, explores the explores the flu pandemic of 1918 in her piece Contagion. Dancing Nation was recorded following the UK government’s Covid-security guidance. Click on: https://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2021/dancing-nation/

Dance like a Woman

New York-based dancer, choreographer and actor Adriana Pierce will be exploring the varied ways in which two women communicate and connect through a ballet piece that is a tribute to LGBTQ+ women and their stories. “When I speak to queer women ballet dancers,” she says, “the number one dream they (we) all have is to do pas de deux work with other women. This is simply not a common practice in ballet choreography, and, when it does occur, it’s generally accomplished merely by using the physical partnering codes which already exist within ballet’s binary gendered movement system. I want to create a duet for two women which honors their movement styles, physique, emotionality, and connection in a way that is not harnessed or codified by ballet’s traditional technical ideals. I also feel it’s imperative that audiences get to see genuine and thoughtful queer stories and relationships.” #QueertheBallet by Pierce and featuring American Ballet Theatre’s Remy Young and Sierra Armstrong is a process performance that premiers on YouTube on Feb 25 and will be available for viewing till Feb 28. Entry: Free

Shadow Play

A performance, titled Tholu Bommalata, brings the traditional shadow theater tradition of Andhra Pradesh to an online performance. Tholu Bommalata refer to puppets created from goat and sheep skin and designed and painted by artisans. They appear on stage, behind a white curtain, and the audience can only view the coloured shadows, but not the actual puppets, by means of a light source. In the performance, painting, music, dance, engraving, acting and narrative storytelling come together in a riveting entertainer. On BookMyShow on February 22 onward. Charges: Rs 30. Click on https://in.bookmyshow.com/plays/tholu-bommalata/ET00305516

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