Workshop for orphans

At a Kinspire career mela, an event organised by Lions Club of Hyderabad on July 8, orphaned students interacted with senior bureaucrats who advised them on careers they might try out in the future.

Kinspire is a non-profit organisation that aims to revitalise education for orphaned children. The organisation works with various orphanages in the country to provide technology solutions that help educate children. The event included conversations with J.S. V. Prasad, Special Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh. Dr. S. Sridhar, Principal Scientist of Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, P. V. S. R Murthy, chartered accountant and founder of GST-Bhaswa and Dr. Ranga Reddy, secretary of Telangana Doctor’s Forum, among others.

Among those present were children of Gracious Paradise Orphanage and Grace Children’s Home, both orphanages.

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