₹92 crore allocated for road restoration

Tiruchi Corporation has floated two separate tenders


The Tiruchi City Corporation (TCC) has floated two separate tenders to strengthen the road infrastructure in the city.

Corporation Commissioner P.M.N. Mujibur Rahuman told The Hindu on Saturday that there were 3,200 roads and streets in the city running to a length of 987 km. These included bus plying and prominent roads. The extended spells of rain in October and November had damaged several roads. A survey had been taken up to figure out the exact damage to the road infrastructure due to the rain.

In addition to the rain, several roads had been dug up to lay distribution mains as part of the phase-II and phase-III of the underground drainage projects. There had been a need to relay the roads in the areas, where the UGD works were on.

Considering the importance of making roads in a motorable condition Mr. Rahuman said that temporary restoration work had been taken up in all four zones in the city. Patchworks had been completed in all bus plying roads.

In addition to it, work order had been issued to develop roads in various parts of the city at a cost of ₹45 crore. While a portion of the project would cover the bus plying roads, some roads, which were dug up for UGD work, would also be relaid. Since there was no forecast of further rain in the city the contractor had been asked to start the project. A few roads had already been started.

The Commissioner said that two separate tenders had been called for rejuvenation of road infrastructure in the city. While a sum of ₹20 crore had been sanctioned for the first tender under the Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation (TUFIDCO),₹27 crore had been earmarked under the Smart City Initiative for the second tender.

While the first tender would be opened on Tuesday (December 14), the second tender would be opened on Thursday (December 16). The tendering process would be completed within this month. The successful bidders would be asked to start the work in January.

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