5.5-kg benign mass removed from woman

She had gradual increase in abdominal distension

A benign mass weighing 5.5 kg was removed from a 50-year-old woman at Voluntary Health Services (VHS).

The woman approached the gynaecological department of VHS with complaints of abdominal distension.

A team of doctors from the Department of Obstetrics evaluated her for surgical procedure.

No symptoms

Doctors said this was the commonest benign tumour and the woman, who was post-menopausal for five years, did not have any symptoms though the mass was huge.

She had gradual increase in abdominal distension for the last two years. “It is important for women to go for regular check-up after the age of 30 years for at least once in two years as such symptom-less tumours can be diagnosed,” Dr. Janaki said.

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