Activities under solid waste management project to be stepped up

To find lasting solution to waste management, sanitation issues in cities

The activities under the Kerala Solid Waste Management Project will be stepped up to find a lasting solution to waste management and sanitation issues in cities, Minister for Local-Self Governments M.V. Govindan has said.

Under the project, urban local bodies will be equipped to use the available technology and human resources to tackle the issue of solid waste. The project consists of both centralised and decentralised waste management measures.

Mr. Govindan said the services of technical experts in solid waste management was assured at all levels as part of the project, which is being implemented with funding from the World Bank. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was also supporting the project. Out of the total outlay of ₹2,100 crore for the project, 50% would be directly made available to local bodies. The preliminary steps for this fund transfer were currently progressing.

As many as 93 urban local bodies had inked a pact with the Suchitwa Mission expressing their willingness to be part of the project. The local bodies would be provided support to prepare a waste management plan for the next five years. The project would be implemented with the least environmental or social impact. The Suchitwa Mission would oversee the construction and running of the centralised waste management centres and sanitary landfill sites.

As part of this, waste banks and waste trade centres would be opened in all cities. Facilities would be set up to handle e-waste, building demolition waste, and biomedical waste. The legacy waste piled up in the cities would be removed using biomining.

The Thumboormozhi aerobic bin model, which has been found to be successful in Alappuzha, would be expanded to more cities. The project was expected to run in full swing by March, said Mr. Govindan.

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