Actress arrested in pickpocket case!

Not everyone’s lives are the same in the movie world. Even those who have seen a lot of star status have fallen all at once in a very short period of time. What happened to a heroine recently but committing theft all at once is surprising to everyone. But even in the past that beauty has been in the news with many controversial things. If we go into the details of what the theft is..

Rupadatta has earned a special recognition for herself as a young actress in the Bengali film industry. However her name is currently becoming a hot topic on social media. A case of theft has been registered by the police in Kolkata. Soon after, her arrest by the police also became a topic of discussion. The case alleges she made a pick pocket. However, she was found red-handed by the police.

Some local police noticed a handbag throwing into a trash can. Many purses were found in the bag, wondering why it was so expensive. The police immediately took her to the police station on suspicion and interrogated her to reveal the real thing. It was learned that she had also stolen all those purses at a book festival.

At first she said she was not an actress but later the police found out about her background and found out that she was a movie actress. The original matter came to light as she was arrested in the pick pocketing case. It seems that the police have recovered from her around Rs 75,000. However, the beauty has also made sexual allegations against some celebrities in the Bollywood industry in the past.

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