Actress Mehreen's emotional post

Mehreen, who started her career as a heroine, did not meet with the expected level of success. After that she get ready for the wedding in the middle of her carrier. But that marriage was cancelled after the engagement. Currently, this beauty movie ‘F3’ will be released in a few days. Directed by Anil Ravipudi, starring Varun Tej and Venkatesh in the lead roles.

Recently, the heroine Mehreen posted an emotional post on her social media account mentioning the consequences of the circumstances. Also says that it is not uncommon for actors in the film industry to have difficulty in entertaining the audience.Living as an actor is not as easy as everyone thinks..How are their lives..?

“The lives of artists are very confusing and pictorial. There are always new changes in lifestyle to suit the shooting schedules, the conditions under which one has to take physically rigorous training for the appropriate looks for the character in the movies. There are ups and downs in our lives too. Even our lives will take a change in overnight. Less than happy to face success will have to face failure.

There are situations where you have to take part in the shooting regardless of the sun, rain or cold. It is known to have an impact on health. In the same way we have to stay away from family members, friends and acquaintances for the movie. We will choose this field even if we know everything, ”she wrote emotionally.

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