Adivi Sesh: Two girls proposed me at same time in front of their parents

It is known that  few months ago, Adivi Sesh surprised all when he revealed that he was in love with a girl from Hyderabad but added that marriage was not on his mind yet.  Once again the talented actor Adivi Sesh, who is known for his films like Hit 2, Major, Kshanam, Goodachari and Evaru, recently spoke about his relationship status. Adivi Sesh  revealed his current relationship status is complicated. Major actor also shared about romantic proposals he recently received from twin sisters.

Recently during an interview, the actor spoke about an episode where he received romantic proposals from two sisters at an event. Adivi Sesh said “I was at an event recently and there were two twin girls in their 20s with their parents. And both proposed to me at the same time in front of their parents.”

 When the actor was asked about his marriage plan, to which he said, “‘At some point’ but it’s ‘definitely not on my mind’. But my parents are looking forward to getting me married off like an Indian boy. I grew up in the US and it’s not a big deal for me to get into the relationship.”

Adivi Sesh  became a heartthrob after his recent movie Major and Hit 2 were released. The film and the actor’s performance in  the movies was widely appreciated.

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