Agitation against Lt. Governor enters 2nd day in Puducherry

VCK and CPI leaders visit the protest venue and express their solidarity

As the agitation demanding the recall of the Lt. Governor entered the second day on Saturday, VCK leader and Member of Parliament Thol Thirumavalavan and Secretary of CPI R. Mutharasan visited the protest venue to express their solidarity.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Thirumavalavan said the conduct of Ms. Bedi had proved his party right in demanding abolition of the post of Governors and Lt. Governors.

When the people have bestowed the right for legislation to the elected representatives, there was no necessity to have such posts. Ms. Bedi was part of the India Against Corruption movement which staged an agitation against graft when the UPA was in power. The movement claimed to have no political affiliations but soon after the agitation, Ms. Bedi joined the BJP and contested the elections in New Delhi. Since her appointment as Lt. Governor, Ms. Bedi was trying to fulfil the BJP’s agenda, he said.

CPI secretary R. Mutharasan said the agitation should not be considered as a movement to protect the rights of people in the Union Territory alone, but to defend democracy and Constitution. The attempt to destroy democracy should be thwarted at any cost, he said. Parliamentary Secretary to the Chief Minister K. Lakshminarayanan said since Ms. Bedi was appointed as the Lt. Governor, her only aim was to create obstacles to the programmes of the government. She had never shown any respect to the elected government and the Legislative Assembly, he charged.

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