Agra: Mob clashes with police after man dies in accident, chowki set on fire

The mob also allegedly set a police chowki and a few vehicles on fire.

A clash broke out in Agra on Thursday between police and a group of people protesting against the death of a man called Pawan, who died in an accident when his truck carrying sand overturned.

The mob also allegedly set a police chowki and a few vehicles on fire.

Police said the incident took place in Tajganj area and the Tora police chowki was set on fire. Stones were also pelted, police officials said.

It is suspected that the man was transporting illegally mined sand.

Agra District Magistrate (DM) Prabhu Narain Singh said the place that the incident occurred was close to the Yamuna river, where sand was earlier mined legally but the tender had expired. “Around three months ago, the mining contract had ended. We have called for a new tender but no one has come forward so far. The village of the man is nearby and local residents mine sand illegally,” he said.

“Around 11 am on Thursday, a youth was driving a tractor with a trolley filled with sand. The youth did not appear to be a trained driver, and when a police vehicle passed him by, he got scared and hit the accelerator. That particular road is at a height. The tractor driver lost control and the tractor overturned and fell onto the fields below. He was rushed to the Shanti Manglik Hospital. Local residents thought police were responsible for his death,” added Singh.

He said that around 300 local residents came to the chowki, vandalised it and set it on fire.

The situation was brought under control in around two hours, officials said, adding that those involved in the vandalism and arson will be identified with the help of CCTV footage and booked.

“A young man got into an accident and the tractor he was driving overturned. He was taken to the hospital, where he died. Some lumpen elements vandalised the local police chowki, set it on fire and some vehicles parked outside it. They tried to disrupt law and order, prompting deployment of force at the site, including the area SSP,” said Inspector General (Agra Range) A Satish Ganesh.

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