Around 3,000 kg ganja seized, two from Uttar Pradesh arrested

The city police arrested two persons while they were allegedly transporting around 3,000 kg of ganja in a container lorry near Lankelapalem area under Parawada police station limits here on Tuesday.

According to the police, based on credible information, the police teams intercepted the vehicle near Lankelapalem. The accused had procured the ganja from interior areas of Pedabayulu mandal and was heading towards Uttar Pradesh. In order to escape from the police checks, the smugglers had fabricated a box inside the container lorry. However, upon thorough checking, the ganja was found. The two arrested were from Uttar Pradesh, the police said. The police said the ganja could be sold for over ₹3 crore in the northern States. Police Commissioner Manish Kumar Sinha appreciated the Parawada police for seizing the ganja.

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