Around the world

The World Air Quality Index project promotes air pollution awareness by tracking air quality across the world. Select any region you want to know the air quality of on a map and it will show you its real-time air quality in the form of numbers and colours, along with a health advisory.

Why it’s fun:

** Educational: The site hosts an info-graphic by Greenpeace, which explains what levels of pollution can be harmful. It creates awareness about fine particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5), which are very harmful.

** Masks: This section contains information on different types of masks available in the market to protect yourself from air pollution. Along with diagrams, the section tells you how to pick the right mask depending on your workplace and commute. It also demonstrates the best ways to wear the mask.

What it teaches you:

** Gives you a global perspective on air quality

** Tracking air quality

** Identifying polluted areas anywhere in the world

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