Ashu Reddy dark comments: People like my back, coz….

Ashu Reddy is a popular social media influencer and actress, who works  in the Telugu film industry.   She is known for acting in Chal Mohan Ranga. She was also one of the contestant of controversial reality show Bigg Boss Telugu.  Ashu Reddy has been in the news a lot with her trips to Dubai, interviews with Ram Gopal Varma, RGV’s comments on Ashu Reddy’s thighs etc. She is  busy with films now. She is also getting offers as a heroine but for the small films. She has not got a proper hit so far.  Ashu Reddy who is an active user of the social media sites, took to her Instagram and shared a pic of her and came up with an interesting caption: People like my back, coz they always talk behind #ashureddy  #backtalkerseverywhere #justsaying #imachillkindaguy.

Ashu Reddy made this comment while showing her back in the pic.  She said that the People like his back. Because they always stay behind her and talk behind his back. People are reacting differently to her post.

 One of her fan said:  I genuinely don’t think the caption is the reason why people like your back. Another netizen wrote:  Really your back. Another fan wrote: Absolutely not

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