Bihar university sets up start-up incubation centre

In tune with the current trends, even educational institutions in India’s hinterland are seen contributing to the start-up ecosystem.

A new private university in Bihar — Gopal Narayan Singh University — said it has set up an incubation centre to drive start-up growth in the state.

“In an area like Sasaram in Bihar that forms a part of one of the biggest rice belts, the scope for agri-tech start-up is huge. Here the use of Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture can change the entire dynamics,” said Govind Narayan Singh, secretary, Gopal Narayan Singh University, a private university, in a statement.

“Also, sectors like waste management, historical tourism, health are also gaining currency thus creating opportunities for students to achieve their entrepreneurial goals,” he said.

The incubation center is helping students to create a scalable model on various sectors along with boot-up capital, coworking space and other facilities that are required to lay the foundation of an enterprise.

“We collaborate with students and help them in transforming their ideas into business models. Before going big, they also get the advantage of creating a prototype and testing the feasibility of their products that helps in preventing start-ups from failures,” Mr. Singh said.

However, a major challenge in tier-2 cities is to change the mindsets of students who still prefer a stable job as a secured career option rather than working for their start-ups, he added.

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