‘BJP govt. must rewrite school history curriculum’

French author Francois Gautier releases book

The government needs to change the school history curriculum in order to create pride in their country among Indian students, said French author Francois Gautier, speaking at the release of his book ‘An Entirely New History of India’ on Friday.

“There is no point in writing books like this unless the government rewrites the curriculum in schools,” said Mr. Gautier. He said India had great poets and philosophers such as Kalidasa or Aurobindo, as well as great heroes and women warriors, but they are not taught in Indian schools. “As a result, there is a lack of pride among Indians,” he added.

Mr. Gautier expressed disappointment with the BJP government’s performance in this area. “It is a battle, may be the second battle of Kurukshetra is happening now. Even within this government, there is no attempt to change the curriculum although it is supposed to be a right-wing pro-Hindu government. We expected so much, but it has not happened in the last seven years,” he said.

His book argues that Indian history needs to be re-examined and freed from colonial biases.

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