Byju’s asks 170 staff to resign: Kerala govt seeks amicable solution

The Kerala government on Thursday called for a meeting with executives from Byju’s on November 2 to find an ‘amicable solution’ regarding forced resignations of nearly 170 Kerala-based employees of the edtech firm.

Though a meeting was called by the officials of the labour department on October 25, the company did not participate in it, citing short notice.

“We are trying to solve this issue in an amicable and re-conciliating fashion.

“There will be a meeting on November 2 between the labour department and the company executives,” said K Vasuki, Labour Commissioner.

Earlier, the General Education and Labour Minister of Kerala, V Sivankutty, said that the office bearers of IT employee’s welfare organisation in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, met him to discuss issues, including job losses, and the labour department will conduct a ‘serious inspection’ on the issue.

“The employees had come to us with a complaint on October 25.

“According to that, they have been verbally asked for a forced resignation,” Vasuki added.

According to sources, the company has already approached the employees offering them relocation to either Bengaluru or Kochi. According to media reports, the strategy of the company is to cut costs and restructure for profitable growth.

According to Technopark Today, a community media platform of Technopark employees, the employees welfare organization Prathidhwani is coming up with demands, including one-time settlement of salaries from November to January 2023, encashment of all earned leaves, full settlement of variable pay, and payment of October salary on November 1.

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