Capital records lowest daily COVID-19 cases in over a year

‘Centralised inoculation policy has had no effect on Delhi’s stock’

New COVID-19 cases reported in 24 hours in the city dropped to 89 — the lowest in more than a year — taking the total cases to 14,32,381, according to a health bulletin released by the Delhi government on Monday.

The number of daily new cases was lower than this on April 30 last year, when 76 cases were reported in 24 hours.

The number of daily cases had peaked to 28,395 on April 20 this year and has been dropping after it.

Also, 11 deaths were reported in the past 24 hours and the total number of deaths stood at 24,925, the bulletin said and a total of 57,128 tests were done in a day. Of the total cases, 14,05,460 people have recovered and there are 1,996 active cases. About 94.6% of the total 23,638 beds for COVID-19 treatment in the city were vacant on Monday. During the peak in April, only 5-6% of beds were vacant on many days.

AAP leader Atishi, presenting a daily bulletin on vaccination, said that Delhi’s stock of Covaxin for 18-44 age group would last only for a day.

Vaccine stock

“Delhi has 8,27,000 lakh vaccines for 45+ and for 18-44, Delhi has 2,68,000 vaccines. For 45+, we have a 5 days stock of Covaxin and 57 days stock of Covishield available. For 18-44, we have one day stock of Covaxin and 13 days stock of Covishield available,” Ms. Atishi said.

“From June 21, when the nationwide universal vaccination campaign has started, it has had no effect on Delhi’s stock position. Delhi has not received even a single extra dose of vaccine. Delhi has been extremely vulnerable and its population density is very high,” she added.

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