CCMB remembers its founder

Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB) will live up to the example set by its founder P.M. Bhargava on supporting “ethical research” and his vision of delivering the “fruit of science to the society”, said director Rakesh Mishra on Monday.

“Dr Pushpa Mittra Bhargava is always a source of inspiration and pride for Indian biologists as he was a major architect of modern biology and biotechnology in the country. He was a proponent of good scientific temper and never stepped back from speaking up against any claim not backed by scientific evidence,” he said, at a meeting held to mark the fifth Founder’s Day event at the institute.

The day commemorates the 93rd birth anniversary of Dr. Bhargava and it was marked by talks delivered by environmentalist Ashish Kothari, who joined online from Pune, about the importance of living in harmony with nature by giving examples of self governing communities, which are humble and respect their place on earth.

Talks were also delivered by Siyaram Pandey and Shradha Goenka, both alumni of CSIR-CCMB. Current students of CCMB were also among those who gave the talks, said a press release.

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