‘Celebrations an answer to those imposing their will’

A govt. cannot function with its hands tied, says CM

The arrival of a large number of domestic tourists and the gathering of hundreds at beach promenade, on New Year’s eve, shows that people cannot forcefully impose their will on others, Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy said on Friday.

Addressing a press conference, the Chief Minister said “certain people” had tried spreading the message on social media that there would be no celebrations in Puducherry.

They also requested people from outside not to come to Puducherry as there would be no New Year celebrations, the Chief Minister added.

Peaceful celebrations

“However, people came in large numbers and celebrated New Year in a peaceful manner. The celebrations are an answer to those who try to impose their will on others,” he said.

Expressing his wish to see the year ahead free of “obstacles created by certain people,” he said a government cannot function with its hands tied.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi have no respect for democracy,” he said.

The government took the decision to hold the celebrations, following all COVID-19 protocol, with the aim to revive economic activity. Tourism is vital for the Union Territory, in terms of revenue generation and job creation, he said.

“Certain people who want to see no progress in the Union Territory were trying to ban the celebrations,” he said.

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