Chandrababu House Arrest: Police Locked The Gates With Ropes

TDP chief Chandrababu has been house-arrested by the police and not letting him come out of the Undavalli residence in Amaravati. Chandrababu has called for a protest march in Palanadu today, hence the police took preventive measures.

Pictures from Chandrababu’s residence show large number of TDP supporters and equal number of cops. Also, the police have tied the gates at the entrance with ropes which is quite shocking and even the helpers of the residence were not permitted inside and Chandrababu seriously objected this. Nara Lokesh who is also present there, came out of the residence and reacted strongly to the police’s action.

As the police are stubborn, Chandrababu has sat on a day-long fast in his residence and also directed the party cadre to stage protest all over the state. Upon on Chandrababu’s call, the police are taking preventive custody of many TDP leaders and among them are former ministers.

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