Chautala targeting Congress to divert attention from BJP’s failures: Hooda

He is making baseless assertions for the ‘sake of political greed, he says

Hitting out at Indian National Lok Dal leader and former Chief Minister O.P. Chautala, Leader of the Opposition in Haryana Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Saturday accused Mr. Chautala of making baseless assertion for the sake of political greed.

“Every section of the State is oppressed due to the ill-conceived policies of the BJP government as unemployment, crime and drug addiction are at a historic peak and farmers have been on the streets for several months. In such a situation, targeting the Opposition instead of the government shows the directionless politics of O.P. Chautala,” he said.

“Chautala is targeting the Opposition [Congress] to divert attention from the BJP’s failures. Everyone knows that Chautala’s party had helped the BJP in establishing its roots in Haryana. Today, the BJP is in power in the State due to the kindness of his family and every section is suffering due to this. But if Chautala has made up his mind to do politics against the Opposition instead of the government, then he should at least present the right facts of the JBT recruitment scam to the public,” said Mr. Hooda in a statement.

Dismissing the allegation that he has acted out of vindictiveness against Mr. Chautala on the JBT recruitment, Mr. Hooda said, “I have never done anything out of political malice and had practised politics of principles. Making unwarranted allegations or making false statements against someone is against our principles,” he said.

Mr. Hooda said under his tenures as Chief Minister, no FIR was registered against Mr. Chautala and his family. “Instead Mr. Chautala was accused of JBT recruitment scam by his own IAS officer.”

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