Collectors inspect water bodies in districts

District Collector S. Karmegham inspected the Jangasamuthiram lake near Gangavalli here on Sunday. Mr. Karmegham said in a release that water level is increasing in water bodies in the district due to rain.

Mr. Karmegham said that while the average rainfall expected for the district during South-West Monsoon was 440.60 mm, the district received 540.54 mm rainfall. He said that while the district is expected to received 370 mm rainfall during the North-East monsoon, it has received 360.03 mm rainfall until November 13.

The Collector said that there are 430 water bodies in the district under various local bodies and departments. Sixty water bodies have filled up to the brim, 49 up to 75% and 35 up to 50%. He added that the continuous rain is improving water levels at other tanks as well. Due to better rain, better yield is expected in agriculture, this year.


District Collector V. Jayachandra Banu Reddy visited lakes which got filled up in recent rains. Mr. Reddy visited Nagojanahalli lake, Kambukalapatti periya eri and Vadamangalam lake which got filled up in recent rain.

Mr. Reddy viewed the works to strengthen the bunds of the lakes and checked the outflow channels. He also advised officials to take measures to pump out water that inundated residences and agriculture fields.

He reviewed works taken to remove water that inundated residences near Jadayan Kottai and Kariyan Kottai after the Vadamangalam Panchayat lake filled to the brim.

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