COVID-19 safety norms to be strictly enforced in Tiruchi

Officials say people have become lax in wearing masks

With Deepavali out of the way, the Tiruchi City Corporation plans to crack the whip on those not following COVID-19 safety protocol, especially wearing of masks. Large crowds had gathered at N.S.B. Road, Singarathope, and Big Bazaar Street for shopping despite rains in the city in the run-up to Deepavali.

Officials fear that the gatherings could create COVID-19 clusters. Senior health officials have suggested that the civic body, along with the police and revenue officials, resume levying penalties for flouting COVID-19 norms. “It is sad to see that the public has forgotten the situation that prevailed a few months ago. We continue to insist on wearing masks, but only if the people understand the ill-effects will they follow the norms,” a district health official said.

A section of the public says the weather in the city caused discomfort and they were unable to wear masks. “I feel breathless when I wear it. In this weather, it makes it worse. Besides, we have all got the COVID-19 vaccine. We believe we are safe,” a resident of Sangiliandapuram said.

The public needs more awareness, a senior citizen said. “We are trying to be careful as we have pre-existing ailments which could worsen our condition if contracting COVID-19. However, the youth and the working population too need to be cautious,” he said.

Corporation Commissioner P.M.N. Mujibur Rahuman told The Hindu that they were planning to resume levying fines as it would make the public follow the safety protocol.

“A sense of laxity has set in as the number of cases reported is low. However, such behaviour could lead to a spike. We will begin checks soon,” he said.

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