COVID-19 vaccine dry run in Mysuru successful

It was conducted simultaneously at Jayanagar Urban PHC in Mysuru city, K.R. Nagar Taluk Hospital and Bilikere PHC in Hunsur taluk

The COVID-19 Vaccine Dry Run, planned across three public healthcare centers in Mysuru district, was successfully conducted on Saturday as mandated by the Centre and the State government. The mock drill in Mysuru city was done with the help of 25 registered beneficiaries who were from the healthcare sector.

The dry run was conducted across the country in select cities to check the preparedness of the district administrations and the healthcare authorities on vaccine delivery and mass immunisation.

Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri monitored the procedure at the Urban Public Healthcare Centre in Jayanagar in the presence of officials from the Department of Health and Family Welfare. Likewise, the dry run was conducted at two other places – at K.R. Nagar taluk hospital and Bilikere PHC in Hunsur taluk.

As many as 34,000 healthcare workers, including doctors, nursing staff, Group D employees from government and private hospitals, ASHA workers and others from the healthcare sector from Mysuru district had registered with the COVIN App, developed by the Centre, ahead of the roll out of the vaccine. The registration through the app concluded last month and a select few were told to take part in the dry run. The healthcare professionals and workers had been trained for vaccination ahead of the dry run as per the Health Ministry’s guidelines.

From entry to the vaccination booth till the exit after getting the vaccine, the entire inoculation process was staged as part of the mock drill. Those who took part were intimated before the drill through SMS on their registered mobile numbers. This was again a part of the drive.

The beneficiary identified to receive the first dose of the vaccine has to follow the guidelines before he or she is vaccinated. The mock drill had a waiting room, vaccination room and observation room. The Aadhaar-based authentication of the beneficiary was done with an OTP sent to the registered mobile number before he or she received the injection. After receiving the jab, the beneficiary has to remain in the observation room for nearly 30 minutes before leaving the premises. In case of any complications after vaccination, a health team would provide first-aid and medical care to the person. If the beneficiary required hospitalisation, he or she would be rushed to the hospital (K.R. Hospital) in an ambulance which would be parked outside each vaccination centre.

The vaccine data (details of the beneficiaries and vaccine delivered) was updated on the COVIN App along with a message sent to the beneficiary upon administering the vaccine.

District Vector Borne Diseases Control Officer Chidambar, who is among those identified to get the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and the 25 beneficiaries taking part in the dry run, told The Hindu that the vaccination team consists of five persons, including a doctor, which would be handling the immunisation. The vaccination process is structured and the same guidelines are supposed to be followed all over the country once the vaccine was launched.

“The vaccine delivery is Aadhaar-linked and a One-time Password is generated before the beneficiary is vaccinated. The details are updated on the COVIN software. The medical waste disposal and other protocols such as the type of syringe used for the jab for the adult dose and so on had been clearly indicated,” he said.

In the mock drill, it took less than 10 minutes for the first dose of vaccination to be administered to each beneficiary.

The list of beneficiaries in the first phase of vaccination from Mysuru district had been prepared and sent to the State government. Each beneficiary would get a vaccine certificate upon receiving two doses of the jab, according to the health authorities.

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