Customer says collateral documents missing

The Ammapettai police are investigating a complaint of pledged documents missing from a nationalised bank in Ammapettai.

According to R. Senthilkumar, Ammapettai union secretary of Communist Party of India, the complainant, Sherly Annathurai, availed herself a housing loan of ₹5 lakh from a nationalised bank branch at Ammapettai by pledging the documents of an immovable property on August 23, 2006 as a collateral.

She had repaid the loan fully in instalments from the date of availing of the loan to the last instalment paid by her a year ago. Subsequently, she received housing loan closure certificate from the bank branch but not the original documents of the immovable property submitted as collateral by her to the bank.

As her frequent visits to the bank branch to get back the pledge documents failed to fructify, Ms. Sherly subsequently submitted written requests seeking the return of the original documents. Recently she received information from the bank officials that the original documents pledged by her were missing.

Hence, Ms. Sherly lodged a complaint in this regard with the Ammapettai police on Saturday, Mr. Senthilkumar said.

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