Dead tree leaves a scar on footpath

Logs of wood have not been cleared from this area in Egmore

It’s four months since a decade-old tree came crashing down and damaged the footpath near Premium Photo Lab in Egmore, but no steps have been taken yet to re-lay the area. Walk by this area, and you will notice that the pavement there is strewn with logs of the chopped tree.

Pedestrians and motorists want the Greater Chennai Corporation to reconstruct the damaged footpath immediately to ensure safety for all road users.

The damaged footpath is located opposite the erstwhile Dasprakash hotel in Egmore on PH Road.

“I walk on the footpath as the stretch witnesses continuous flow of vehicles. Now, due to the damage to the footpath, I am forced to walk in the narrow carriageway,” says B. Sowmiya, a resident of Egmore.

Another problem

For the last few months, the civic body has been undertaking widening of stormwater drains at many points between Drashprakash Hotel and Greater Chennai Police Commissioner office, a distance of around two kilometres. Slow progress in cleaning the clogged drain to widen the stormwater drain is delaying the early completion of the work.

This widening work has led to the reduction of the total road space and pedestrians have to walk on the narrow carriageway to reach the Egmore bridge.

There are no barricades and reflectors at many spots to caution motorists.

From Dasprakash hotel, pedestrians have to walk on the carriageway due to the ongoing stormwater drain work and damaged footpath adding to the confusion at the area.

“Steps will be taken to rebuild the damaged footpath after removing the logs of the fallen tree,” says a Corporation official.

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