Decision to cut the trees take in the interest of farmers; orders issued after examining all aspects: former Revenue Minister Chandrasekharan

Former Revenue Minister E Chandrasekharan said that the decision to issue an order to cut the trees was done after examining all the aspects and he stands firm with his decision.

Speaking to the media, the former Revenue Minister said that he is fully responsible for the order of the Revenue Principal Secretary which came out in connection with the cutting of trees.

Mr. Chandrasekharan said the order was issued on his instructions. Permission was granted to cut down trees except for sandalwood planted by farmers. He dismissed the propaganda that all trees were allowed to be cut down.

His explanation came in the wake of a controversial order based on a note issued by Mr. Chandrasekharan on October 5, 2020 came out on July 4.

The Revenue Secretary has ordered that the officials should not interfere in such a way as to cause inconvenience to the farmers.

The CPI leader said the order was not made on the basis of any pressure. It was based on the all-party meetings. The decision was taken in a way that was convenient for the farmers considering the constant demand of the farmers’ organizations, he said.

He further said that the order states that people who have been given land under the Land Registration Act of 1964 can cut down the trees they have planted on the land they have acquired.

He said when the land is given to them, the royal trees like teak, rosewood, sandalwood, will be reserved for the government. When land is given those trees will not be given to them, he added.

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