Delhi Police completes COVID vaccination dry run for over 80,000 personnel

Entire force, including infected officers and those over 50 years of age or with medical conditions, will be covered in three phases of inoculation

The Delhi Police has completed the second dry run to check the best way to vaccinate around 87,000 personnel against COVID-19, a senior officer said on Sunday. The entire process will be done in three phases.

Muktesh Chander, the Special Commissioner of Police and nodal officer for the COVID-19 action plan, on December 26 passed an order to Delhi Police to update the cellphone number in the Personal Information System (PIS) on IntraDP system. All the policemen were instructed to update their mobile numbers by January 3, 2021. All district and unit heads were also instructed to ensure completion of the exercise in time so that no one is left out of the vaccination programme. The officer said till now, they have conducted two dry runs in the past one week to find out any loopholes in communication and logistics. Both the dry runs were successful and they managed to approach the entire force, the officer said. A message sent to police personnel had their PIS numbers, names, and mentioned that they will be intimated about the date, time and venue of the vaccination on this mobile. “After the successful completion of the dry run, the police personnel will be informed about the location where they will be vaccinated. In the first phase, the infected personnel will be administered the vaccine, in the second — those above 50 years or with any medical issues will be covered — while in the last phase, the entire force will be vaccinated,” said the officer.

He added that till now, 7,612 police personnel have been infected by COVID-19. Though the recovery rate was quite high as 7,424 personnel recovered while 32 died due to the virus.

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