‘Desh Ke Mentor’ to guide govt. school children on career choices

They will be mentored by people who are successful in their respective fields

The Delhi government on Monday launched a mentorship programme for children studying in Classes IX to XII in its schools.

Under the ‘Desh Ke Mentor’ programme, students will be mentored by volunteers from across the country for 10-15 minutes daily on issues ranging from career choices to teenage-related concerns.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, while launching the initiative, said that through this programme children will get an elder brother, friend or sister with whom they will be able to share everything, and the youth, who want to become mentors, will be able to contribute to nation building by helping in guiding the future of the country.

‘Non-judgemental guide’

Speaking on the reason for starting such a programme, Mr. Kejriwal said when children reach Class IX, they develop several emotional and physical needs as they have to deal with a lot of pressure from peers, family and siblings, besides studies and choosing a career.

“We want these children to get a non-judgemental helping hand and guiding light. Someone with whom the child can talk without any inhibitions. It is human nature that when you talk to someone, share your problems with them, you are inclined to feel cathartic. It helps one get out of a dark mindset,” Mr. Kejriwal said.

The government is encouraging people in the age group of 18-35 years from across the country to join the initiative and they can do so by registering on an app developed for the purpose. “In our families, we see elder brothers and sisters guide their younger siblings. If we replicate the same model on the national level, the whole country will become a big family. People will start seeing beyond the fault lines of caste and creed, they won’t see the religion of the person they are talking to,” Mr. Kejriwal said.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said students in Classes IX-XII need to decide what they should pursue in the future. During this time, if someone holds their hand without judging them and imposing their dreams on them, it will result in better decision-making. “If someone wants to join the police service, then there should be someone to guide them on the process and research for them as a mentor. If parents are confused on how to help their children choose a career, there sho-uld be a mentor to guide the students in taking the right decision,” Mr. Sisodia said.

The mentorship programme will be of two to six months, with the first two months as compulsory module and the remaining four as optional. Mentors from various professional and academic backgrounds will guide two-five students each. They will help the students in their overall personality development by sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise.

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