DMK govt. bans pictures of gods in offices

The D.M.K. Government has advised all heads of departments and other officials not to install or exhibit pictures or idols of Gods and Goddesses of any religion in Government offices and where they are exhibited to remove them gradually without attracting any notice or creating any incident. The circular issued by the Chief Secretary is dated three months back but has been issued only now. The following is the text of the circular: “The Heads of Departments, etc., are informed that in view of the secular nature of our State the Government considers that it is not proper that pictures, idols, etc., of Gods and Goddesses (including saints, messiahs, etc.), of any religion are exhibited or installed in or on any Government offices or property and that where they are already exhibited they should be removed gradually and unostentatiously so as to avoid attracting any notice or creating any local incident.”

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