Edappal flyover: UDF leaders question protocol violation

Call to register case against Riyas

While some Left Democratic Front (LDF) Ministers have used the inauguration of the Edappal flyover to troll the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Congress leader and former District Conngress Committee president Bindu Krishna has come up with a post demanding action against Public Works Minister P.A. Mohamed Riyas.

Sharing a picture of the large crowd that thronged the flyover during the inaugural ceremony, she said the Health Minister should recommend the Home department to register a case against Mr. Riyas. Captioning the picture with a statement by the Health Minister urging the public to stay alert to avoid a lockdown, Ms. Krishna hinted at how the police used to impose heavy fines on protocol violators earlier.

Another politician who criticised the inaugural ceremony attended by a large number of people was Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) leader P.K. Abdu Rabb. “This is a photo of the Edappal flyover inauguration that completely violated COVID-19 protocol without maintaining any social distance. There was four times the number of people that attended the Waqf protection meeting at Pukkiparambu organised by the Muslim Coordination Committee. Since a case was registered against Samasta leader Abdussamad Pookkottur for protocol violation, will there be a case against PWD Minister Mohamed Riyas, Minister for Wakf and Haj V. Abdurahiman and MLA K.T Jaleel?,” the former Minister asked.

In his Facebook post, Mr. Rabb also pointed out that the government that imposed a one-week quarantine on fully vaccinated expatriates, including those who had received the booster dose, had no qualms about parading unvaccinated residents without following any guidelines. “This means the COVID-19 protocol is not applicable to the State government, BJP that controls the Central government and the CPI(M),” he posted adding that there would be repercussions if the protocol was used to target the IUML, the Congress and those who criticised the government.

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