Expedite probe against police officials in bribe case: High Court

The Kerala High Court has asked the police authorities to ensure that the investigation against the five police officials, who allegedly demanded a bribe from the parents of missing girls, is concluded in the manner as mandated in law and without any delay.

Regarding the conclusion of the State that the allegation of the mother against the assistant sub inspector of police demanding a bribe was not substantiated, Justice Devan Ramachandran said that the allegations of a bribe can generally not be proved through direct evidence but through only circumstantial evidence. The totality of allegations, which entailed a sordid saga of torment and harassment to the family and the victims, would have to be taken into account.

The court felt that it was too early to exonerate the ASI.

The court also asked the controlling officer of the five police officials, who went to Delhi to trace the victims, to show how these offices were allowed to travel and the manner in which the travel expenses were met.

Recording the submission of the counsel of the court that one of the girls had stated that the ASI had demanded and accepted ₹20,000 from her while in Delhi, the court asked the investigating authority to look into the statement.

The court posted the case for December 2.

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